02 Jul

Inflating an Air Mattress Properly

Air mattresses are comfortable alternatives to sleeping on the floor or in a sleeping bag. They can inflate, like a raft, and stay firm throughout the night. An air mattress is ideal for staying home for pajama parties or bringing along on a camping trip.

inflating airbed


1 Take the air bed and remove it from the bag or container. Since it is best to store your air mattress away from sunlight, you need to be ready before inflating by setting it out in an open area.

2 Find the pump that came along with the air mattress. If it is an electronic pump, you must connect it before attempting to inflate the mattress. A hand pump requires no preparation for use.

3 Connect the valve and the pump to start the inflation of the mattress. If it is a hand pump, you have to pump it up and down for several minutes. An electronic pump needs to be simply activated.

4 Continue inflating the air mattress until it can not hold more air. This ensures that the air mattress is firm and not uncomfortable for the person who sleeps on it.

5 Use the controls attached to inflate the air cushion. Beds, just like the Aero-bed mattress, have a one-touch control wand that automatically inflates it. The pump is inside the air cushion.

Tips & Warnings

The best air mattress is one that comes in different sizes, and the size of the mattress determines how long it takes to inflate. An individual mattress can usually be inflated in a minute or two with an electronic pump. Remember to close the valve cover securely once inflation is complete. This ensures that the air does not seep out.